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A movie called A Thursday is going to release in a few days and are you A Thursday movie download If yes, then this article is for you only. For information, let me tell you that the story of this A Thursday movie has been written on such girls who are victims of violence somewhere. In this film, the story was not written by taking the name of any special girl, but because of the daily atrocities on girls, the story of A Thursday Movie has been written. Let us know from where it can be done A Thursday movie download And other information about this movie.

A Thursday full movie download

The story of this A Thursday movie is not exactly similar to other movies but somewhere it is somewhat similar. This is because in the story of this A Thursday movie, it has been shown how a girl is tortured, after which the girl does something that upsets everyone. For this reason, you are going to see a change in the story of this A Thursday movie as compared to other movies. if you A Thursday movie download If you want to do this and want to watch this movie online, then in this case you should go towards the OTT platform.

A Thursday movie release date

This A Thursday movie is going to be released on 17th February only in OTT. For information, it is being told that this movie is not going to be released in theaters on the coming day of 17th February. Rather A Thursday movie is to be shown on 17th February only in ott platform. Although most of the films are first released in theaters for several days and only then in ott. But this film is going to be shown directly in the OTT platform only.

A Thursday movie story in hindi

In A Thursday Movie, a girl named Naina Jaiswal who spends some holidays and goes to school because she is a teacher. But the purpose of going to school turns out to be something else. She does such that there are about 17 children in the school and kidnaps all of them and keeps them hostage in the school itself. After this Naina Jaiswal calls directly to the chief police officer and demands Rs 4 crore from him to release a child.

After getting Rs 4 crore, Naina Jaiswal wants to talk to the Prime Minister about giving up her second child, that too face to face. Naina Jaiswal will now leave the other child alive only after having a face to face talk. Now the Prime Minister has no option left to save the child. So now the Prime Minister takes a decision after talking to Naina Jaiswal face to face. After all this, the police come to know that Naina Jaiswal has been raped and its effect has probably reached her mind. To know further story watch Naina A Thursday Movie.

A Thursday movie details

Full details of A Thursday Movie are as given below:

OTT release date 17 February 2022
OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar
Name of Writer Behzad Kambata
Name of Director Behzad Kambata
main star Yami Gautam Dhar
Trailer Released on Disney+ Hotstar
language Hindi
budget Approx. 7 Crores

A Thursday movie casts

The names of the main characters that appeared in A Thursday Movie are as follows:

  • Yami Gautam Dhar
  • Neha Dhupia
  • Atul Kulkarni

A Thursday movie download 480p

The number of characters involved in A Thursday Movie are many but we have given you the names of the important characters only. This is the reason why the list of the names of all the characters has not come from the company. Although the company has shared the names of the main characters only on the internet, which we have shown and told you in this article. After knowing the names of the characters, if you watch the movie in 480p A Thursday movie download If you want to do and see, then you should take the help of OTT platform only and we had already told you about this in the beginning.

A Thursday movie download 720p

in 720p A Thursday movie download To do and watch, you should take the help of OTT platform. There are many OTT platforms on the internet, whereas only one of them has got the permission to show this A Thursday movie online in OTT. If we talk about Disney Plus Hotstar, then only this company has got permission to show this A Thursday movie online. If you want to watch the best movie than this then you can go towards Pushpa, KGF Chapter 2, Black Adam Movie.

A Thursday movie download 1080p

disney plus hotstar ott platform if you have full hd quality A Thursday movie download If you want to do more then you should buy the subscription pack. The price of the subscription pack depends on the quality. as if your A Thursday movie download To do it in 1080p, the subscription pack also has to be selected for 1080p. With the help of this pack only, you will be able to watch A Tuesday movie and many more movies can be watched for a month.

Watch on Disney+ Hotstar

A Thursday movie download telegram link

A Thursday movie download It is not right to take the help of Telegram to do this because it causes loss to the company. if you A Thursday movie download If you want to do or watch, then you should take the help of ott platform only and this is the right way. The cost of the OTT platform is low, so that you can watch A Thursday movie for a month at a low cost.


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