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movie attack about how many people want to go and how many people Attack movie download If you do, then this article is for you. Some people are calling the film Attack a copy of Hollywood movie, but we are going to be interested that what is the story of this movie, only then it will be fun to watch. Although the story of this film Attack is related to action, that means action is going to be seen fiercely. A bit of romance is thrown in an action movie and so is the movie. Then friends, let us know about the recently released film Attack.

Attack full movie download

Attack movie download Can be done and also seen. Attack movie download To do this, you will have to wait for several days and that is why it can be known that in which ott this movie has to be released from the release company. If you do not know, then for information, know that the company is going to release this movie first in the theater only after a few days. Only after the release of this film Attack in theaters, it will be released in this ott to watch online.

Attack movie release date

Attack movie is going to happen from 1st April in different theaters. Due to which now you will be able to watch Attack movie in theaters from this date itself. For information, let me tell you that after a few days on the same day, this movie is to be released in one of the ott platforms as well. After a few days, this information came out from the company that now the company making Attack film is going to sell its movie on zee5 ott platform only. so that now you can directly from zee5 Attack movie download Can do and see.

Attack movie story in hindi

Talking about the story of the film Attack, John Abraham is in the role of Arjun. Arjun used to do less for the army and he had done a lot of good work for the army like killing terrorists of Pakistan by doing surgical strike. After which all the soldiers were looking happy. After some time the normal life is going on but new terrorists attack in Delhi. Arjun also comes in the grip of this attack whose body becomes paralyzed. Because of this disease, now he will not be able to eliminate the terrorists.

Keeping this in view, scientists prepare such a chip which if Arjun is fitted, Arjun will be able to work by controlling it. Only after this chip is made, this chip is planted close to Arjun’s brain. After which now Arjun fights against the terrorists. But the problem was that now the main leader of the terrorists has captured the Prime Minister of India and his family. Now this is the biggest problem for Arjun. So will Arjun be able to save the Prime Minister and his family now or not? To know this, you will watch the film Attack.

Attack movie details

Attack movie full details are as below:

Theater Release date 1 April 2022
OTT release date 17 May 2022
OTT platform zee5
Name of Writer Lakshya Raj Anand
Vishal Kapoor
Sumit Batheja
Name of Director Lakshya Raj Anand
main star John Abraham
Trailer Released on pen movies
language Hindi
budget Rs. 80 crores
collection Rs. 22.70 crores

Attack movie cast

The names of all the characters involved in the film Attack are as follows:

  1. John Abraham
  2. Jacqueline Fernandez
  3. Rakul Preet Singh
  4. Mir Mehroos
  5. Ranjeet Singh
  6. Nimish Desai
  7. Prakash Raj
  8. Karan Mehta
  9. Ratna Pathak Shah
  10. Vikas Tomar
  11. Babrak Akbari
  12. Serena Walia
  13. Ranjit Punia
  14. Elham Ehsas
  15. Shahnawaz Bhatt
  16. Jaimini Pathak
  17. Rajit Kapur
  18. Tamara D’Souza
  19. Ashish Nijhawan
  20. Kiran Kumar
  21. Habib Al Aidroos

Attack Part 1 movie download

If you do not know that part 2 of this attack movie can also come, then you must know. That’s why the company made Attack Part 1 movie, so after some time we can get to see Part 2 of the same movie. That’s why people on the internet Attack movie download want to do and see. While you download Attack movie zee5 ott or Attack part 1 movie, you are going to get the same, not both of them are different.

Attack movie download 480p

if you guys want Attack movie download 480p You can do it in OTT and you can also watch it in the same quality but for this you should go directly to ott. This is the reason why if I talk about online platform, only the company running zee5 ott platform has been given permission to show this attack film online. So in this case you should go to this platform only. Attack movie download To do or see and not in any other platform.

Attack movie download 720p

as we told you Attack movie download 720p To do and watch, one should go directly to the zee5 ott platform. As soon as you go to this zee5 ott platform, you will get to see many subscription packs or plans. Of these, after purchasing the 720p subscription pack Attack movie download And apart from this, you can also see other webseries and movies which would have come in this platform.

Attack movie download 1080p

There is action in the story of Attack film and you will also get to see action in this movie. As well as carrying out missions and reducing stealth etc. Somewhere you may like the story of this attack film. But somewhere the story of this film Attack is also similar to other movies. It is not possible for the upcoming films with new story not to be hit like Brahmastra, Pushpa, Drishyam 2 etc.

Attack movie download telegram link

Attack movie download telegram link Getting it is not right but you should go to zee5 ott platform only. Talking about the film Attack, the story of this movie is certainly full of action, but scenes of romance have also been inserted. For which Jacqueline has been taken, which you must be knowing very well. You will get to see romance between John Abraham and Jacqueline for some time but for a long time. Along with this, the effect of this romance can also affect the children, so children should try not to watch this movie.

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