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The name of the film Badhaai Do itself tells you how the story of this film is. So what Badhaai Do movie download If you have come to this article to do this, then this article is for you. The story of the film Badhaai Do is presented in a new way, which will definitely work to teach something to the youth. Although the story of this film Badhaai Do Pushpa, kgf chapter 2 is not of a completely different level and neither should you expect that much. So let’s friends know about the film Badhaai Do like its release date, story and many more.

Badhaai Do full movie download

Badhaai Do full movie download To do this, you have to wait till when this movie is released in ott. As soon as the film Badhaai Do is released in any ott in the coming time, then you guys will be able to download it from the same ott platform only. Badhaai Do movie download Will you be able to do or see? While before this you will have to go to the theater to watch the film Badhaai Do, for which you will have to book tickets in advance. By when will be the release of the film Badhaai Do, for this we will update the information in the table below.

Badhaai Do movie release date

The company has recently informed that the film Badhaai Do is going to be shown in theaters from February 11. After this day, you will now be able to watch the movie Badhaai Do according to your convenience. However, the company has not given any information about the release date of this film Badhaai Do for ott. Recently, this information is coming out from the company that the film Badhaai Do is being released on the ott platform.

Badhaai Do movie story in hindi

According to the trailer shown in the film Badhaai Do, Rajkumar Rao who is a bachelor is at the age of 32. So on the other hand the land of 31 years is also a virgin. Being single for both of them starts to become a matter of embarrassment for them because people around them talk only about them and somewhere they start taunting them about their future child and their marriage. After some time, these two meet each other, due to which the prince is ready to marry her but not the land.

After several attempts, Bhoomi is forced to say yes as she does not want to listen to taunts from other people. For this reason, she says yes to this marriage. Now in the further story, things start happening between these two. Now to know what is going to happen in the next story of this film Badhaai Do, you will have to watch this film because we cannot tell you the full story in this article.

Badhaai Do movie details

The full details of movie Badhaai Do are given in the form of table :

Theater Release date 11 February 2022
OTT release date 11 March 2022
OTT release date Netflix India
Name of Writer Harshavardhan Kulkarni
Suman Adhikari
Akshat Ghildial
Name of Director Harshavardhan Kulkarni
main star Rajkummar Rao
Bhumi Pednekar
language Hindi
budget Rs. 35 Crores
collection Rs. 28.33 crores

badhaai do movie cast

The names and numbers of all the characters involved in the movie Badhaai Do are given below:

  1. Rajkummar Rao
  2. Chum Darang
  3. Bhumi Pednekar
  4. Abhay Joshi
  5. Nitish Pandey
  6. Seema Bhargava
  7. Gulshan Devaiah
  8. Hani Yadav
  9. Seema Pahwa
  10. Mushtaq Khan
  11. Apeksha Porwal
  12. Sheeba Chadha
  13. Shashi Bhushan
  14. Deepak Arora
  15. Lovleen Mishra

Badhaai Do movie download 480p

i know you Badhaai Do movie download 480p I have to do and see. But for this you should not go here and there online because this movie has already been released in ott. When the film Badhaai Do was released, people could watch the film only in theatres. But later when the number of visitors to the theater decreased, the company sold the film Badhaai Do to one of the companies running the ott platform. For this reason, now you are in the ott platform of netflix India company. Badhaai Do movie download Will you be able to do or see?

Badhaai Do movie download 720p

you must have purchased subscription pack from netflix india ott Badhaai Do movie download 720p can be done in If you have already bought 720p plan from netflix ott then you don’t need to buy pack separately if that pack is still active. By virtue of having an active subscription pack, you Badhaai Do full movie download Will be able to do and see. You will be able to watch some other movies in netflix with the help of this subscription pack like 83 movie, godfather etc.

Badhaai Do movie download 1080p

Badhaai Do movie download 1080p To do this, you go to the netflix ott platform and buy a 1080p subscription pack. The budget of movie Badhaai Do is around 35 crores while the collection is less than the budget. That means, the amount spent by the company in making this film Badhaai Do has not been earned, but it has been less. This collection is of the theatre, that is, we have given you the details of the collection made from the theatre. Whereas even after selling the OTT platform company, they have got separate collection, due to which they have already got their profit.

Badhaai Do movie download telegram link

you shouldn’t be looking Badhaai Do movie download telegram link Because if you do this, the company is harmed. If Badhaai Do movie download If you have to do or watch, then you should go to the theatre. whereas Badhaai Do movie download Must go to netflix in ott platform. If in the coming time in another company’s ott platform. If the film Badhaai Do is released, then you can watch the film Badhaai Do from there also online and not by taking the help of any channel in Telegram.

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