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A lot is being discussed about the Banaras film, which is being released by telling about time travel, but what is right. even though people Banaras movie download Would like to do it, but they should first know about this movie that after all what this film is about. For information, let me tell you that my friend had gone to watch this Banaras film and after that he gave me the review of this film, which I am also going to share with you in this article. Come let us know about the release date, story and how to do about the Banaras film. Banaras movie download ,

Banaras full movie download

I know most of you Banaras movie download just want to do it. Whereas friends, you should also keep in mind that so far Banaras movie has been released in ott, so how will you guys be able to download Banaras movie. If this Banaras movie was released in any one ott, then you can get it without any problem. Banaras movie download could do. The company has not yet given any information about when the Banaras film will be released in the ott platform.

Banaras movie release date

Banaras movie is going to be released on 4th November and if you have time then you will be able to watch most of the film. If you are not getting time even on 4th November, then there is no problem because this movie is being released in theaters for many days in the coming time. So in such a situation, now you guys can take out your time and watch the film Banaras. Like I told you that whenever the Banaras film comes in ott, then at the same time you Banaras movie download Wouldn’t be able to do it before it’s released.

Banaras movie story

Ever since the trailer of this Banaras film was released, people were being shown that the story of this Banaras film is based on time travel, whereas in reality something else is being shown. This is because most of the time travel was being talked about in the trailer of this Banaras film, whereas inside this film, romance was being talked about in excessive quantity and only his scene was shown the most.

Those who came to watch Banaras film only to see the concept of time travel, they felt bad about showing romance scenes in the name of time travel which is quite wrong. In the film, a very short story was written about time travel, whereas in reality, romance was heavily inserted, while people did not come to see the romance but to know the story of time travel and watch the film made on them. Although the entire film was shot in Banaras itself, that is why the film was named Banaras.

Banaras movie details

Below are the full details of Banaras movie:

Theater Release date 4 November 2022
Writer Name Jayathirtha
Director Name Jayathirtha
Producers Name Tilakraj Ballal
Main Star Zair Khan
Sonal Monteiro
Trailer Released on T-Series
Language Kannada
Movie Budget approx. Rs. 10 crores

Banaras movie casts

The names of all the characters involved in the film Banaras are as follows:

  • Zaid Khan
  • Sonal Monteiro
  • Barkath Ali
  • Sujay Shastry
  • Devaraj
  • Sapna Raj
  • Achyuth Kumar

Banaras movie download 1080p

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