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Beast film is South film which is going to release in few days now and people want beast movie download Doing . Beast film may be a film coming from South, but there is a lot of hype about this film on the internet. However, you should not expect anything from this film as the story of the film is completely different. But tried to show the story of this Beast film in a different way. The story of this Beast film can at least relate with other films and will it be able to compete with Brahmastra or not, let us know.

Beast full movie download

beast movie download Before doing this, you should keep in mind whether this film has been released in the ott platform or not. I have told you this because this Beast film has to be shown in theaters for several days first. As long as the Beast film continues to get a good response from the theater and as long as people go to the theater to watch the Beast film, this film will not be shown in ott. after a few days you guys beast movie download Will be able to do it directly in ott platform.

Beast movie download in hindi

If you have only in Hindi language beast movie download If you want to watch more, then you will get the option to watch it in theaters as well. Even though this Beast film has not been made in Tamil language only, but the company has also said that this film has been dubbed and released in Hindi language. That’s why if you want to watch this Beast movie in your Hindi language or beast movie download If you want to do this, then you should take the help of ott platform or the theater near your house.

Beast movie release date

Beast movie will be released in all theaters from 13th April and you can watch Beast movie from there only. In which language this Beast film is to be released in the theater which will be near your house. You don’t need to think too much about it. That’s why this Beast film made in Hindi language has to be screened only in those theaters where the people living around know Hindi language very well. Such an area where the people around know only Tamil language, then only Tamil Beast film will be shown in the nearby theater.

Beast movie story in hindi

According to the story of this Beast film, terrorists enter the mall named East Coast in Chennai and hijack the mall itself. After the hijacking of the mall, the atmosphere in the whole city gets spoiled and its information also reaches the police. But meanwhile Vijay as the hero happens to be in the mall which has been hijacked. Now you have already come to know what is going to happen to Hogg in this film. Vijay enters in his new avatar as the hero and attacks the villain.

Before attacking the villain, he starts killing the terrorists who are holding guns at the people held in the mall. After killing all the terrorists one by one, Aab remains the main villain in the end. So will Vijay as a hero be able to free the mall from the hijack or not and will he finish the villain or not or will the villain have to win. To know all this you will have to watch Beast movie.

Beast movie details

Full details about Beast movie are as follows:

Theater Release date 13 Apr 2022
OTT release date 19 August 2022
OTT platform Netflix India
Name of Writer Nelson Dilipkumar
Name of Director Nelson Dilipkumar
main star Vijay (hero)
Pooja Hegde (Heroine)
Trailer Released on sun tv
language Tamil (main language)
budget Rs. 150 Crores

Beast movie cast

The names of all the characters in the Beast movie are as follows below:

  1. Vijay
  2. Pooja Hegde
  3. yogi babu
  4. Selvaraghavan
  5. Redin Kingsley
  6. Tom Chacko
  7. Ankur Ajit Vikal
  8. Liliput Faruqui
  9. VTV Ganesh
  10. Bjorn Surrao
  11. Aparna Dash

Beast movie download 480p

in 480p beast movie download To do this you should take help of ott platform. After all, in which ott platform this Beast film is to be shown, you should also know about it. I am saying this because Beast movie is not going to be released in all otts. If this beast movie was to be released in all ott platforms then you would have gone to any ott platform beast movie download to do or see.

Beast movie download 720p

Most of the people are eager to see this Beast film, who want to see Vijay’s role. This is because Vijay’s role is going to be important in this Beast film. Vijay is going to appear as the main hero in this Beast film. Also, talk about heroine, Pooja Hegde has been given the form of heroine in this Beast film. That is, in total, the film Beast includes Vijay as the hero and Pooja Hegde as the heroine.

Beast movie download 1080p

in 1080p beast movie download If you want to do this, then you should take the help of OTT platform netflix India only. Because this Beast film is to be released only in the ott platform named Netflix India whereas you will be able to watch it in different quality. As you know that if you want to watch any movie in high quality, you have to buy a subscription pack. just like that beast movie download It is also necessary to have a subscription pack to watch or watch any other movie.

Beast movie download telegram link

get help on telegram beast movie download Not right to do. Although you do not have an option for this. Now you should take the help of netflix India only so that the company gets profit. As you would know that the company has spent a lot of money in making Beast film. if people were free beast movie download If you start doing and watching, then the company will be at a loss. That’s why it is your duty to watch Beast movie in theaters by paying money or with the help of ott platform only so that the company gets profit.

Beast movie review in hindi

After many days, now in this article we are going to tell you about the review of Beast movie. Talking about the review of Beast movie, some people have not called this Beast movie completely the best, now I will tell you why so. This is the reason that in this Beast movie, the look of the villain has not been made of a very dangerous level whereas the company has given a simple look of the villain. If the company wanted, they could have given a dangerous look to the villain in this Beast film so that the audience would enjoy watching the film.

Along with this, I am also going to tell you that some people have also said that in this Beast movie, the villain does not show much of his power whereas it should be shown. If a villain shows his power in a excessive amount in a film, then the film goes even better. Similarly, in this Beast film, the villain’s normal look and showing less use of his power, somewhere affects the review of the film. Like getting a negative review for a film. By the way, in this film Vijay’s entry has been shown tremendously and at the same time dangerous look is also being seen.

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