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It is known from the name of the film Dasvin that this film definitely has a connection with education. so we give you this Dasvi movie download We are going to tell a lot about this tenth film in the article. For information, let me tell you that you would never have seen films with this kind of story. Film Tenth such a film which can force people who do not read to teach a lesson to someone in life. So in such a situation is there any benefit of watching this movie Dasvin or not, then the answer is yes. To know about all this, friends, let us know a lot about the film Tenth.

Dasvi full movie download

The tenth movie is yet to be released after a few days. I will update the theater release date of this movie Tenth below. but if you Dasvi full movie download If you want to do it, then you should wait for ott for a few days because after a few days the film Dasvin is to be released in ott after the theatre. As soon as this film Tenth is released in whatever ott, I will update it in the table at the bottom of this article itself so that it is easy for you to search.

Dasvi movie download release date

The film Dasvin which is being released from 7th April in ott platform. Talking about Ott platform, this movie is to be released in Netflix India and Jio Cinema. However, you should also keep in mind that the film Tenth film is not going to be released in Tenth theaters now. that’s why you only have in ott Dasvi movie download There is a chance to do or see. Out of both the ott platforms, you will be able to watch this movie Tenth by going to any one of the ott platforms.

Dasvi movie download story in hindi

According to the story of the film Dasvin, Abhishek Bachchan as Ganga Ram Chowdhary who happens to be a politician. His merits are that he does not bow down to anyone, does not spread his hand in front of anyone and comes with pomp and arrogance is also seen somewhere or the other. After some time it happens that a case is registered against Ganga Ram Chowdhary and that too regarding education. After which it happens that they are sentenced to be kept in jail for some time.

While leaving Ganganagar, he gives his politician’s chair to his wife and is taken to jail. But the female policemen in the jail call him illiterate boorish because he is eighth pass. So just for this reason, Gangaram Chowdhary decides in his mind that now he has to clear the tenth standard somehow. Now after this, Gangaram Chowdhary has to face a lot of problems because it is difficult to study after so many years.

Now Gangaram Chowdhary can sit back in the politician’s chair only after the tenth is cleared. So, will Gangaram Chowdhary be able to clear the tenth standard or not, then will he be able to get the chair of the politician again or not. So now to know the further story of the tenth film, you should watch this film. As I already told you that the tenth film is not going to be released in theaters but it is to be done in ott which is an online platform.

Dasvi movie details

Movie Dasvin full details are as below:

OTT release date 7 April 2022
OTT platform Netflix India
Jio cinema
Name of Writers Suresh Nair
Sandeep Leyzell
Ritesh shah
Name of Director Tushar Jalota
main star Abhishek Bachchan
Trailer Released on Netflix India
language Hindi

dasvi movie cast

The names of all the characters who worked in the film Dasvin, that is, played the role, are as follows below:

  1. Abhishek Bachchan
  2. Nimrat Kaur
  3. Yami Gautam
  4. Sumit Shekhar Rai
  5. Mubashir Bashir Beigh
  6. Manu Rishi Chadha
  7. shakti singh
  8. Abhimanyu Yadav
  9. Rohit Tiwari
  10. Aditi Vats
  11. Arun Kushwah
  12. Shivankit Singh Parihar
  13. Chittaranjan Tripathy
  14. sachin shroff
  15. danish hussain
  16. Dhanveer Singh

Dasvi movie download 480p

As we told you that the film Dasvin is not to be shown directly in the theatre, so now you do not need to wait separately for the ott after the theatre. for OTT Dasvi movie download 480p There is a need to wait to do or see if this movie was released in theaters first. Because once the film is released in the theater, only after several days the same film is launched in ott. That’s why now on the day of the release of the film Dasvin Dasvi full movie download Will be able to do and see.

Dasvi movie download 720p

Which is the best option after all Dasvi movie download 720p To do or watch 480p or 720p even if your mind is doing it in 720p Dasvi full movie download But you should also keep in mind that it is very important to have a subscription pack with 720p plan. If you have a subscription pack with 720p quality, then you can do so without paying any extra money. Dasvi movie download Can do in hd quality.

Dasvi movie download hd

A youtuber named Arun Kushwaha has also been included in the film Dasvin. Arun Kushwaha is also a youtuber in the profession who keeps putting comedy videos occasionally in his youtube channel. Abhishek Bachchan is the main character of this film Dasvin because the entire film of Jhee Puri rests on him. While apart from this, the roles of Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur will also be seen. Like Brahmastra, Pushpa, Drishyam 2 films, there is not much hype about this tenth film on the internet.

Dasvi movie download 1080p

As we told you about 480p i.e. in 480p Dasvi movie download You will not have to pay much to do or see. Because the price of the subscription pack with 480p quality is the lowest as compared to the rest. However, most people don’t buy a subscription to Full HD because it costs more than 720p to watch for a month. If you are ready to buy full hd subscription pack then you can directly go to ott platform netflix india or jio cinema.

Dasvi movie download telegram link

in telegram Dasvi movie download telegram link Not going to get to do it at all because this movie has not been released and will not be released in Telegram. Many people search in Telegram Dasvi movie download to do and watch while they do not get the film. That’s why the tenth movie is free Dasvi movie download Doing and watching is totally illegal. Also, only the ott platform or the company making the film Tenth has the right to show this movie Tenth for free or to show it with money.

Dasvi movie watch online

Movie Tenth can be watched online because this movie is released as soon as possible in the coming time. Most of the people do not download movies because downloading movies fills up the storage. So in such a situation, people prefer to watch movies only online and in such a situation, you have a chance to watch the tenth movie by going to the online ott platform. Netflix India or Jio Cinema, you can go to any one of these ott and watch the online movie Tenth. For information, you should also know that the cost of the plan in Jio Cinema is low.

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