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Ever since the trailer of Dharavi Bank Movie came, people are very eager to see this movie and Dharavi Bank movie download to do . This is because you will get to see the story of this Dharavi Bank movie very different, which can be associated with some area somewhere. So whether the story of this Dharavi Bank movie is based on a true incident or not, it has not been talked about. But it is probably being told that the story of this Dharavi Bank movie is related to some area or the other.

Dharavi Bank full movie download

if you Dharavi Bank movie download If you want to do this, then you should go to the website of MX Player company only because Dharavi Bank movie code has been uploaded on the same website only. This Dharavi Bank movie is being shown for free in MX Player website and there also you will get Dharavi Bank movie download There is also an option to do so. The episodes of Dharavi Bank Movie are not according to me, but the entire video has been put in the same website by the company.

Dharavi Bank movie release date

Dharavi Bank movie release is on 19th November. But this Dharavi Bank Movie is not releasing in any theatre. That is, now you can directly watch it online. watch online and Dharavi Bank movie download To do this, you have to go directly to the MX Player website. Because this Dharavi Bank movie has been released on the same website named MX Player. from this website itself Dharavi Bank movie download Will be able to do or watch for free because the company does not charge money. While there may be a charge in the coming time.

Dharavi Bank movie story in hindi

Dharavi bank is shown in movie about Dharavi place inside India. There are 30,000 streets inside it and which are looking simple in appearance but a lot of crime is hidden in it. Sunil Shetty is called the king of this crime and the king of 30 thousand crore streets. To end this crime, Vivek Abraham enters as a policeman who plans to end this crime which is very difficult for him. Now to know what is going to happen in the next story, you should watch Dharavi Bank Movie.

Dharavi Bank movie details

The full details of Dharavi Bank Movie are given below in the tabular form :

OTT release date 19 November 2022
OTT platform MX Player
Price Free on MXPLayer website
Name of Writer none
Name of Director Samit Kakkar
main stars Sunil Shetty
Vivek Anand Oberoi
Trailer Released on MX Player
language Hindi

Dharavi Bank movie cast

The names of all the characters involved in the Dharavi Bank Movie are as follows:

  1. Sunil Shetty
  2. Vivek Anand Oberoi
  3. Bhavna Rao
  4. Sonali Kulkarni
  5. Chinmay Mandlekar
  6. Luke Kenny
  7. Jaywant Wadkar
  8. Rohit Pathak
  9. Freddy Daruwala
  10. Samikssha Batnagar
  11. Shanti Priya
  12. Hitesh Bhojraj
  13. Santosh Juvekar
  14. Siddhartha Menon
  15. Nagesh Bhosle

There are only two characters playing the most important roles in the movie Dharavi Bank namely Sunil Shetty and Vivek Abraham. Sunil Shetty is playing the role of a villain who is said to be a don. While Vevak Abraham is playing the role of a good citizen i.e. police to eliminate crime. The roles of all the other characters will be less visible.

Dharavi Bank movie download 480p

in 480p Dharavi Bank movie download To do this, you should go to the website named mx player. You will find this MX Player website ak link at the bottom easily. That’s why I have given the link because the company is showing Dharavi Bank movie online for free. After all, why MX player company is showing Dharavi Bank movie for free, I do not know about it, nor have I tried to know more about it. but for free Dharavi Bank movie download You have a chance to do or watch which can be found only in the website named MX Player.

Dharavi Bank movie download 720p

you guys in 720p Dharavi Bank movie download Can do and also see. But you will be able to do all this by going to MX Player website. MX Player Company has released this Dharavi Bank Movie in its own platform and this company is showing you the movie for free. According to me there are no episodes of Dharavi Bank movie because it is probably a movie. While it is being told on one side that Dharavi Bank is not a movie but a web series, then you should also know about this.

Dharavi Bank movie download 1080p

in 1080p Dharavi Bank movie download Before doing this, it is also very important to have sufficient amount of internet. However, apart from this Dharavi Bank Movie, other webseries were quite popular and the name of that webseries is “Tu Zakhm Hai”. Yes friends, “Tu Zakhm Hai webseries was very popular and even now some people are watching this webseries. While earlier a lot of people were watching Isi Tu Zakhm Hai webseries and were also liking it. But Dharavi Bank Movie is even better than this because the action is tremendous to be seen just by watching the trailer.

watch Dharavi Bank in Nov 19


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