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Duranga webseries is going to be released and we are going to give you all the information related to this in this article. Also I will tell you how Duranga web series download Can be done from ott platform. However, suspense is being seen in Duranga webseries, which is a good thing for some people because there are some people who want to see only suspense webseries. So in such a situation, Duranga webseries is perfect for those people. So let’s know in detail about the full details of this Duranga webseries together.

Duranga web series all episodes download

Duranga webseries has been released in ott platform zee5 and you can come to this platform only. Duranga web series download You can do it and you can see it as well. if you Duranga web series download If you don’t want to do it, but just want to watch, you will come to this zee5 ott platform only. Here Duranga web series download To do or watch any webseries requires a subscription pack, which you must have. If you don’t have you have to buy subscription pack from zee5.

Duranga web series release date

Duranga webseries which was released in ott platform on 19th August itself means you will be able to watch this webseries in zee5 ott platform. Apart from the OTT platform, this Duranga webseries is not being released in any other online platform nor in theatres. Before the release of this Duranga webseries in ott, it was getting good love from the audience which was giving happiness to the company making Duranga webseries. Duranga web series download I can’t say anything about doing it, but people will definitely watch it if they like it.

Duranga web series story in hindi

The story of Duranga web series begins with Ira Jaykar Patel playing the role of this woman. Ira remains a crime branch officer in this webseries. Talking about her husband, Samit Patel and Gulshan Devaiah are playing the role of this person. Both are husband and wife, but a lot of difficulties come in the life of both of them. This is because Ira Jaikar Patel gets a case of elder’s murder, which is connected with her husband.

Because according to the report filed a few years ago, it was being told that the person who killed the elderly is named Abhishek Banne. This same Abhishek Banne had committed suicide only after killing the elderly, it was recorded in the police report. But it is not known that Ira has got any such report in which it is suspected that Abhishek Banne is not dead yet but is alive who is living as Ira’s husband. Abhishek Banne changed his disguise, left the city and was living in another place with his wife but his wife did not know anything.

Now it has to be seen how Ira Jaikar Patel is able to find out the truth in Duranga web series like whether Samit Patel has really killed the elderly. Both Samit Patel and Abhishek Banne are the same person but the name is different, as earlier Ira’s husband was Abhishek Banne. Abhishek Banne named himself Sammit Patel after killing an elderly person. Watch this webseries to know what is going to happen in the next story in this Duranga web series. Even the best thriller movie found You can know about

Duranga web series details

The full details of Duranga webseries are as follows:

OTT Release date 19 August 2022
Writer Name Charudatt Acharya
Director Name Aijaz Khan
Pradeep Sarkar
Stars Drashti Dhami
Gulshan Devaiah
Trailer Released on Zee5
OTT Platform Zee5
Language Hindi

Duranga web series casts

The names of all the characters who have appeared in the Duranga webseries are as follows:

  1. Drashti Dhami
  2. Gulshan Devaiah
  3. Abhijit Khandkekar
  4. Hera Mishra
  5. Barkha Bisht
  6. Rajesh Khatta
  7. Zakir Hussain
  8. Divya Seth

Duranga all episodes download

Duranga web series download Before doing this, if you want to know a lot more about this Duranga webseries, then you can know. The list of the characters involved is quite long but you will not know which characters have got what names. If you do not know which characters have got what names, then let us know below which is as follows:

  • Drushti Dhami :: Ira Jaykar Patel
  • Gulshan Devaiah :: Sammit Patel/Abhishek Banne
  • Hera Mishra :: Anya Patel
  • Divya Seth :: Anupriya Patel
  • Rajesh Khattar :: Dr. Patel
  • Zakir Hussain :: Bala Bunny
  • Abhijit Khandkekar :: Vikas Sarode
  • Barkha Bisht :: Prachi Banne

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