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Telugu Geetha movie download Before knowing about, I am going to tell you about this film. Ever since the trailer of this Geetha movie came out, people were wondering whether this film is a remake or not. Because before this many films have been made with the same name, so this is not a remake film, so you must know. Let me tell you about Geetha movie, then this film is not going to come with a different story but with a slightly different story. So let’s know about this Geetha movie like release date, story, and how to do Geetha movie download ,

Geetha full movie download

I had seen the trailer of the film Geetha, after watching which I will say only one thing that this film is an action film. You are going to see the most action in this Geetha film. If you are fond of watching such movies then you Geetha movie download You can see by doing. But in this Geetha film, not only the action but the suspense is hidden and you can also get to see the story a little different.

Geetha movie download in Telugu

If you know only Hindi language then this Geetha movie is not for you because the language of this film is only in Telugu language. So in such a situation, if you do not know the Telugu language, then you are not going to understand the story of this Geetha film. For information, you should also know that this Geetha film is not being released in Hindi language, so now you should not wait for this.

Geetha movie release date

The film Geetha is being released on 4th November. Even though Geetha is a film and not a web series. But still, according to the information, it is being told that this Geetha film is not being released in theatres, so now you should not wait till you see this Geetha film in the theatres. This Geetha film is being released in the ott platform named Aha videoIN. if you from ott platform aha videoin Geetha movie download If you are ready to do so, then you will have to buy a subscription pack and you will also have to pay a price for it.

Geetha movie details

The full details of the film Geetha are as follows below:

OTT Release date 4 November 2022
OTT Platform Aha VideoIN
Writer Name None
Director Name Viswa R Rao
Producer Name Vadde Rachayya
Main Star Hebah Patel
Trailer Released Aha VideoIn youtube channel

Geetha movie casts

The names of the main characters involved in the film Geetha are as follows:

  • Hebah Patel
  • Meena Kumari
  • Sunil
  • Sai Kiran
  • Tanikella Bharani
  • Rajeev Kanakala

Geetha movie download 480p

Hebha Patel, Meena Kumari, Sunil, Sai Kiran, Tanikela Bharani, Rajeev Kanakala are the main characters of this geetha movie. Whereas apart from this, many other people have worked hard in making this Geetha film, while their names have not been shared on the internet. This is because only the names of the main characters working in the film Geetha have been mentioned. Whereas the names of the rest of the people will be shown even within this film. in 480p Geetha movie download To do this, you will also have to select a 480p plan from ott named aha videoin.

Geetha movie download 720p

Geetha movie download By doing this, you will know that many films have been made with this name. So according to this, you should also take care that you do not download any other movie by mistake inside the ott platform. As far as I have seen, about 2 films have been made with the same name, that is, about 2 films named Geetha have been made, out of which one film was made many years ago. Moula Jatt movie for you to know about Punjabi movie.

Geetha movie download 1080p

The name of the writer of the film Geetha is not disclosed by the company, but the names of the director and producer have been told. At present, apart from the writer, we have already given the names of other directors and producers in the above table. in 1080p Geetha movie download Before doing this, you should know that you cannot watch this film before its release. The trailer of this Geetha film has been relayed in the youtube channel named Aha Videoin.

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