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Part 1 of Honey Trap was well received by the audience, so now Part 2 is being released. if you Honey Trap download If you want to do it, then I am going to tell you in this article only, while first of all you should know about this web series. The story of Honey Trap Part 2 will be slightly different which you would not have heard anywhere. But the story of this Honey Trap Part 2 will not be surprising like Pushpa, Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2, Black Adam. Then let’s know full information about Honey Trap Part 2 webseries.

Honey Trap part 2 all episodes download

Honey Trap download Before doing this, you must know that this web series is not for children but only for youth. This Honey Trap Part 2 webseries is to be released in the ott platform named Ullu, it is confirmed. But you might not know what is its release date. In the coming time, we will also update the release date of Trap Part 2 webseries at the bottom, as soon as we get to know.

Honey Trap part 2 release date

Information has just come out that Trap Part 2 webseries is going to be released on 22nd November itself. now from 22 november Honey Trap download Everyone will be able to do it and see. But only OTT platform will show you Trap Part 2 webseries and not any other platform. There are many OTT platforms and out of them only in Ullu OTT you will get to see Trap Part 2 webseries.

Honey trap part 2 story in hindi

Trap Part 1 webseries showed how Hiral Madheya finds a baba who gives her miraculous honey. With the help of this honey, people become crazy after them and this is what Hiral Madheya wanted. Now in the next story i.e. part 2, it happens that after enjoying this honey for many days, finally her honey box gets broken by mistake either because of her own husband or breaks it deliberately but her husband is not informed about it. Nothing was known. Now people don’t even peep towards Hiral Madheya because of not licking honey.

Hiral Madheya tries hard to make people fall in love and romance with her but people don’t even look at her. After being disappointed, Hiral Madheya also tries a lot like deliberately going to the tailor and then showing her bold scene. But the tailor does not get attracted towards it which used to happen earlier because at that time i.e. earlier Hiral Madheya had licked the honey but not now. That’s why people don’t look at them whereas Hiral Madheya will now get that miraculous honey. To know full story watch part 2 of Honey Trap webseries.

Honey Trap part 2 details

The information about Part 2 webseries of Honey Trap webseries is as given in short words:

OTT release date 22 November 2022
OTT platforms Ullu
Name of Writer None
Name of Director None
main star Hiral Madheya
Trailer Released on Ullu (Youtube Channel)
language Hindi only

Honey Trap part 2 download 480p

as i already told you Honey Trap download To do this, you will have to take the help of the ott platform named Ullu. Ullu company has both its own website and application. With the help of which you can sit at home by purchasing a subscription pack for a month with the help of a few rupees. Honey Trap download Can do or watch many more webseries. in 480p Honey Trap download You will get the option to do and watch only if you buy the 480p plan.

Honey Trap part 2 download 720p

How many characters have been included in the Honey Trap Part 2 webseries, their names have not been told by the company. If the company had told the name of the character who wrote the story of Honey Trap Part 2 webseries i.e. the writer and the name of the director of this webseries, then we would have updated in this article itself. According to me, you are not going to find the name of the writer who wrote the story of Honey Trap Part 2 webseries anywhere on the internet and the name of the director with direct corner because the company has not disclosed this information to anyone.

Honey Trap part 2 download 1080p

Before the arrival of Honey Trap Part 2 webseries, many other webseries were popular like Bidaai Part 2, Sultan Part 2 etc. However, as new webseries keep coming, people do not like to watch old webseries or watch very little. If you have already bought the subscription pack from Ullu ott which is still active. So in this case, with the help of the same subscription pack Honey Trap download Can do and see. We have got to know the name of Hiral Madheya only, who played an important role in part 1 and 2 of this honey trap.


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