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When the Telugu film Jersey was made, this film was made in Hindi at that time. But now for some time the company has also made the case in Hindi language with this name. jersey movie download Before doing this, you should know about this movie so that your money does not get wasted. The story of Jersey movie is not different but same as the movie released in Telugu language some time back. When Jersey movie was made in Telugu language then people knowing Hindi language could not watch this movie and that is why this movie has been made in Hindi language.

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As we told you that Jersey movie was released some time ago which was a Telugu movie. But after that the company is going to release Jersey film in Hindi with the same name. However, this movie was not dubbed from Tamil to Hindi, but all the characters have been changed. Means all the characters involved in this movie have spoken in Hindi language only. The story of the film is the same but only the characters have been changed. On the other hand, we can also say that Jersey film is a remake film because it has become the second film of the same story.

jersey movie release date

Jersey movie release on 22nd April in many theatres. Now from 22nd April itself you can watch this Jersey movie by going to the theater falling near you. Talking about ott, how long this jersey film can be seen in ott and jersey movie download can be done . So its release date has also come out and that is May 20. Means now you from May 20 jersey movie download Will be able to do and also see directly in the ott platform which is an online one.

jersey movie story in hindi

Arjun is shown in the film Jersey who has played many matches in cricket for a long time and after that starts living a simple life by moving away from cricket. It is not that now Arjun is free, but he is also engaged in some work. After going on like this for some time, it happens that Arjun is fired from the job. After which it happens that gradually the condition of the house also starts getting worse and there is a shortage of money because Arjun could not go to work after that, nor did he engage in any work.

For this reason his wife starts taunting him. Shortly after this comes the birthday of Jersey film Arjun’s son and his son demands a jersey ie cricket jersey which costs 500 rupees on his birthday. Although Arjun does not have 500 rupees with him, but he demands money from his wife, which his wife does not give because Arjun himself is not engaged in any work. Arjun wants to give this jersey on his son’s birthday because his son has not asked anything from his father till now.

Now the biggest problem comes in Arjun’s life because here on one hand he does not have money to give jersey to his son, and on the other hand his wife continues to taunt and threaten to go to her in-laws house. In the end, Arjun thinks that now he will have to arrange cricket matches for India and from there only money can be made. So now Arjun starts matches and also scores good runs. Will Arjun be able to buy a jersey for his son or not, you will have to watch the film Jersey to know this.

jersey movie details

You might not know about the movie Jersey and I am going to tell you many details about this movie. Like what is the release date of movie jersey for ott theatre, name of most important character involved, where is trailer released, in which ott platform this movie is going to release, how much is budget-collection of this movie and Quite a bit too. Then friends, let us know the full details of the movie Jersey as per the table given below:

Theater Release date 22 Apr 2022
OTT release date 20 May 2022
OTT platform Netflix India
Name of Writer Gowtam Tinnanuri
Name of Director Gowtam Tinnanuri
main stars shahid kapoor
Pankaj Kapur
Mrunal Thakur
Trailer Released on Zee Music Company
language Hindi
budget Rs. 80 crores
collection Rs. 28 crores approx

jersey movie cast

The number of characters involved in the film Jersey is huge, but what are the names of the important characters among them? So you should know that the entire film is based on Shaheed Kapoor only because Shaheed Kapoor is playing the role of Arjun in this film. Apart from this, you will also get to know the names of some other characters one by one like Mrinal Thakur and Pankaj Thakur. The names of the characters involved in the film Jersey are as follows:

  1. shahid kapoor
  2. Pankaj Kapur
  3. Mrunal Thakur
  4. Geetika Mehandru
  5. Anjum Batra
  6. Prit Kamani
  7. Rudrashish Majumdar
  8. Vinay Verma
  9. Ronit Kamra
  10. Rituraj Singh

The names of the characters in the film Jersey are as follows in Hindi below:

  1. shahid kapoor
  2. Pankaj Kapoor
  3. mrunal thakur
  4. Geetika Mahendru
  5. Anjum Batra
  6. Preet Kamani
  7. Rudrashish Majumdar
  8. Vinay Verma
  9. Ronit Kamra
  10. Rituraj Singh

jersey movie download 480p

Most of you might not want to watch the movie Jersey in the theatres. So there is a way for them too. The name of this road is ott. Means now you go to OTT jersey movie download 480p I can do it if you want to watch a movie or any other movie at a low cost. This is because this film Jersey is to be sold in the OTT platform only after a few days. Due to which it will happen that after a few days you will go straight to ott. jersey movie download Can do and see.

jersey movie download 720p

720p jersey movie download To do this, you also need a 720p plan, which you will get in netflix ott only. When you go to Netflix India ott platform, you will get to see many plans there. You will directly select the 720p plan, after which you can buy the subscription pack by paying. After purchasing a 720p subscription pack jersey movie download So you will be able to do as well as watch other movies for one month whether it is upcoming movies or old movies.

jersey movie download 1080p

even in full hd quality jersey movie download can be done or seen. As we have shown in the above table that the budget of this film Jersey is 80 crores whereas the collection is very low and why so. It is possible that most of the audience may not have gone to the theater to watch the film Jersey because in today’s time, the audience does not like to watch remake films. The audience needs such a film which is different, then that audience will comfortably see the remake film. That’s why jersey movie download Go to ott to do or see.

Jersey movie download telegram link

Jersey movie download telegram link It is not right to search and by doing this the company is in loss because the money does not reach the company at all. Your only duty is to jersey movie download Select only two ways to do or watch, first is theater and second is OTT. Very few people are going to watch the movie Jersey in the theaters because it is a remake film as well as it is not a film with a special story. That’s why you should take the help of OTT platform only, so that apart from this movie, you will be able to watch other movies like 83 movie.

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