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Pakistan’s most expensive film which is doing very well and people want Maula Jatt movie download Doing . But you should know a lot about this Maula Jatt movie first. Talking about the story, the story of this Maula Jatt film is going to be seen in a very best and different level. This is because the story of this movie is being liked by the people and the trailer too. So let’s know in this article how long will the Maula Jatt film be released, what is the story and Maula Jatt movie download How to do

Maula Jatt full movie download

If you feel that in Pakistan Maula Jatt movie download With the help of some platform online, this is not going to happen. Because in Pakistan this Maula Jatt movie is being released in theaters for the first few days. After several days, only after this movie is released in theaters, it will be sold or shown by the company in some way or the other. While you should also keep in mind that, the day when this Maula Jatt movie is to be released in theaters, from that day you Maula Jatt movie download Can’t do it online.

Maula Jatt movie download website

Talking about the online platform, the Maula Jatt movie will be ready for release in the coming time only in the ott platform and not now. This is because the company will be the first to release this Maula Jatt film in theaters in many countries and collect a good collection. For many days, this Maula Jatt film is going to be released only in theaters. However, where I feel that this Maula Jatt film is not going to be released soon in the ott platform, because the demand for this movie is very high.

Maula Jatt movie release date

On October 13, the film Maula Jatt is being released in many theaters. For information, let me tell you that the release date of this Maula Jatt film that I have told is not, this release date is not for India but for Pakistan. If you live in the country of Pakistan, then you can definitely watch the movie Maula Jatt. But what about the people living in India? Maula Jatt movie download Whether you will be able to do it or not and whether you will be able to see it in India or not. This is because no information has come out about the release of this Maula Jatt film in India.

Maula Jatt movie story

In the movie Maula Jatt, a man is shown who is chasing a girl and the name of that person is Makha Naat. Makha knows Naat well to Maula Jatt. It happens that Makha Jatt gets married with the same girl he is running after. Maula Jatt himself gets this marriage done. Simultaneously, Maula Jatt promises with Makha that he will get her sister married to one of his friends.

After this, Makha kills her own sister, due to which some people ie Naat family turn against Maula Jatt. You get to see a lot in the movie only after some people are against Maula Jatt. Even if you do not understand much about the story of this movie. Whereas you should watch the trailer of this Maula Jatt movie first, because the trailer of this Maula Jatt movie itself is quite awesome. To know the full story, watch this Maula Jatt movie in theaters or OTT.

Maula Jatt movie details

The full details of Maula Jatt movie are as follows:

Theater Release date 13 October 2022
India Release date Not Confirm
Writer Name Naseer Adeb
Bilal Lashari
Director Bilal Lashari
Producers Name Bilal Lashari
Ali Murtaza
Ammara Hikmat
Stars Fawad Khan
Trailer Released on The Legend of Maula Jatt official channel
Budget Rs. 55 Crore

Maula Jatt movie casts

The names of all the characters involved in the Maula Jatt movie are as follows:

  1. Fawad Khan
  2. Ali Azmat
  3. Saima Baloch
  4. Hamza Ali Abbasi
  5. Raheela Agha
  6. Mahira Khan
  7. Zia Khan
  8. Humaima Malik
  9. Nayyer Ejaz
  10. Mirza Gohar Rasheed
  11. Shafqat Cheema
  12. Faris Shafi

Maula Jatt movie download 480p

We have already given the list of all the characters involved in the movie Maula Jatt, such as Fawad Khan, Ali Azmati, Saima Baloch, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Raheela Agha, Mahira Khan, Zia Khan, Humaima Malik, Nayyar Ejazoo, Mirza Gohar. Rashid, Shafqat Cheema, Faris Shafi. By the way, apart from this, many people have worked in making this movie, whose name is not anywhere on the internet. Not only the characters working in the movie Maula Jatt but the names of the people working in the movie will be shown in the theater itself till the end of the movie.

Maula Jatt movie download 720p

If the thought is coming in your mind why not Maula Jatt movie download If done, then let me tell you for information that this movie has not been made available anywhere on the internet in the present time. For many days from now till later you will be able to watch this Maula Jatt movie only in theatres. While the company has not yet given information about when the Maula Jatt film will be released in the ott platform. But this information will be available only after several days from the company’s side.

Maula Jatt movie download 1080p

in 1080p Maula Jatt movie download Before doing this, you should know that in which ott platform this film is going to be released. As soon as you come to know that this Maula Jatt movie is going to be released in this ott platform, then you can go to the same ott platform. Maula Jatt movie download Can do and see. However, you should also know that in the present time, the movie Maula Jatt is not going to be available to watch. Maula Jatt movie download Doing it from a wrong website is wrong because no one has got the right to do it.

Maula Jatt movie download 4k

Even though the budget of this Maula Jatt film is 55 crores, but the film has turned out to be quite a hit. Till now no such film has been made in Pakistan which can compete with this film. This is the first such film of Pakistan which is going to be released in other country as well. After the release of this Maula Jatt film worldwide, this movie has also got a good collection. According to the report of the month of October, the collection of this Maula Jatt film has gone to 100 crores and in the coming time there is going to be more.

Maula Jatt movie download telegram link

Most of the films made in Pakistan are not of the best action, that is, they get to see well. But this Maula Jatt movie has broken many records in Pakistan. Breaking the record of this Maula Jatt film in Pakistan was a big deal because Punjabi films do not play much in Pakistan. Punjabi film does not break most of the records, but this film broke records in Pakistan itself. If you want to see any best movie of India then for you Brahmastra The film is right.

According to the report, Maula Jatt is being said to be the most expensive film of Pakistan, while the budget of this film is 55 crores. Accordingly, there is nothing to compare with the films of India, because the budget of expensive films of India has crossed Rs 500 crores. Even though the budget of Hindi films is high, but the budget of Punjabi films is always seen less. The company has collected more than what was the budget of this Maula Jatt. Accordingly, the company that made the film Maula Jatt has now turned silver.


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