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So do you want to know in this article how Oye Makhna movie download Be done, while you should first know about Oye Makhna Movie. Oye Makhna movie is not going to get a different level of movie for you to watch and you must keep this in mind. But I must say that this Punjabi movie is full of comedy and drama. Also you are going to get to see romance in this Oye Makhna movie but in the end not in the beginning.

So in this article I am going to tell you important information about Oye Makhna movie like release date of this movie, story, name of the players involved and much more. Also I will tell you how Oye Makhna movie download This can be done so that there is no loss to the company but profit. Like this Oye Makhna movie, you will also get to see comedy movies like Honeymoon, phone ghost And so on .

Oye Makhna full movie download

Let me tell you about Oye Makhna movie, this is not a different level movie because this movie is full of romance, comedy and drama etc. If you want to watch a movie with this type of story, then you can watch Oye Makhna Movie. If you want to see a movie of a different level then you can go thai massage movie Like, Hindi movie of different level. So what Oye Makhna movie download It is possible to do in the present time, so for the sake of information, let me tell you that in the present time this movie has to be released only in theaters for several days.

Oye Makhna punjabi movie download

If you do not know, then let me tell you for information that this Oye Makhna movie is a Punjabi movie which is being released only in Punjabi language and not in any other language. According to me most of the people must know Punjabi language and they will watch this Oye Makhna movie. This Oye Makhna movie will be released first in theaters but only after several days in ott. This Oye Makhna movie is not going to be released in OTT as long as this movie will be released in theaters only.

Oye Makhna movie release date

Oye Makhna movie is being released on 4th November, so if you have time then you can watch it directly by going to theater. Whereas if you do not have time to watch this Oye Makhna movie on 4th November, you can still watch this movie after many days. Ever since the release of this Oye Makhna movie, people are not very much eager to watch this movie. But there is curiosity among some people who are fans of Ammy Virk.

Oye Makhna movie story in hindi

The story of Oye Makhna movie begins with ammy virk which is named in this movie as Makhna and the movie is being released under the name Makhna. Ammy Virk, who tells his father as soon as he is young, to get married, in such a situation, his father used to say that marriage is not done in the younger age. But now Ammy Virk has grown up and this Omar is now married for her, so in such a situation, she finds such a kudi on the way that she falls in love at first sight. Actress Tania is playing the role of that girl.

At first Ammy Virk expresses his love to Tania but Tania refuses. After a lot of efforts, when it comes to know that Tania lives in front of his house. But then this Ammy Virk shies away from talking with Tania’s family members because Ammy is not made in front of Virk’s house, that is, there is a small debate. But Ammy Virk, in some way or the other, behaves well in front of the family members and talks to Tania to get married.

As soon as the matter progresses, the people of the front house also say yes, seeing which Ammy Virk is very happy at first. But when he comes to know that Tania’s parents do not live in the opposite house, that is, they accidentally fixed the girl’s relationship with some other family members. Now it remains to be seen how Ammy Virk refuses to have a relationship with the wrong girl while Ammy Virk wants to marry Tania. To know all this you should watch Oye Makhna Full Movie.

Oye Makhna movie details

Everything about Oye Makhna movie from release date to writer-director is as follows below:

Release date 4 November 2022
Writer Rakesh Dhawan
Director Simerjit Singh
Producer Ammy Virk
Vikram Mehra
Simerjit Singh
Siddharth Anand Kumar
Stars Ammy Virk
Guggu Gill
Sidhika Sharma
Trailer Released on saregama punjabi
Budget around Rs. 15 crore

Oye Makhna movie casts

The names of all the characters who have appeared in Oye Makhna movie are as follows:

  1. Ammy Virk
  2. Tania
  3. Guggu Gill
  4. Sidhika Sharma
  5. Satwant Kaur
  6. Sukhwinder Chahal
  7. Parminder Gill
  8. Hardeep Gill
  9. Manju Mahal
  10. Tarsem Paul
  11. Rose J Kaur
  12. Deedar Gill

Oye Makhna movie download 480p

The names of all the characters involved in the Oye Makhna movie are quite well known. But some of these are important characters like ammy virk, tania, guggu gill, sidhika sharma. All these characters are playing an important role in this Oye Makhna movie, while the names of the total characters in this movie, we have already shown their list above. Ammy Virk is the first to watch Oye Makhna movie, to check how the film is made. Whereas apart from this there will be many more characters to watch this movie.

Oye Makhna movie download 720p

Oye Makhna movie download It is right to do but do you know that from now on Oye Makhna movie download Cannot be done until this movie is not released in ott. When will this Oye Makhna movie be released in OTT, the information about it will not be known from now but after a long time. In whichever ott this Oye Makhna movie will be released in the coming time, that information will be informed by the company on the internet itself as well as the name of the ott platform.

Oye Makhna movie download 1080p

You can get to see the size of this Oye Makhna movie in 1080p only around 1GB. while talking Oye Makhna movie download You can do this, but only in ott. In whichever ott you will get this Oye Makhna movie in the same ott platform you will get 1080p Oye Makhna movie download You will get the option to do so. Oye Makhna movie download Before doing it in full hd, you have to buy a subscription pack in ott, whose price can be seen around 150 rupees.

Oye Makhna movie download 4k

Oye Makhna Movie Trailer has been released, still few days. Talking about the views on the trailer of this Oye Makhna movie, it has got millions of views. Oye Makhna Movie Being Punjabi language, this movie is not to be released in all the states in India. This is because not everyone knows Punjabi language. Rather, Oye Makhna movie will be released mostly in Punjab and its adjoining states. Whatever cinema hall is near your house, you will get to see Oye Makhna movie there.

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Oye Makhna movie download telegram link

Can Oye Makhna movie be watched online so that Oye Makhna movie download If there is no need to do it, then the answer is yes. There are many online platforms, but now it has to be seen that which ott platform company will sell its own film to the company making Oye Makhna movie. Any ott company to which Oye Makhna movie will be sold, only the company running that ott platform will get the right to show this Oye Makhna movie online. to the remaining ott platform Oye Makhna movie download Probably not going to get done or right.


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