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Pets, as the name suggests, this film definitely deals with animals. so do you guys Palthu Janwar movie download If you want to do this then this article is for you only. You may have seen many saree films, but the story of this film can be seen somewhere different. You are going to like the story of this pet film a lot and also funny scenes have also been shown in this film a bit too much. Then come friends, let’s know about the film Pets like from the release date to the story.

Palthu Janwar full movie download

Pets movie to be released first in theaters. If you want to watch this pet movie by going to Theater M, then you should first book tickets to watch this movie because this movie is not going to be released in theaters for many months. Popular movies like brahmastra, pushpa and kgf chapter 2 were being released in theaters for several days only because of huge crowd and curiosity to watch that movie.

Palthu Janwar movie release date

The movie Pets is going to release on 2nd September. Only after this day you can see Pets in movie theatres. However, you should also note that this film is to be shown to the audience in theaters for a few days only, not for many days. This is the reason why there is not much curiosity among the people to watch this pet film. The reason for this is also that the story of this film is not very different and neither is it a thriller action film because of this.

Palthu Janwar movie story in hindi

In the movie Pets, you will get to see the whole story around the animals. The character named Basil Joseph is playing an important role in this film, who gets a job in a veterinary department. Earlier, its father used to work in its place, who used to take care of the animals and give them medicine. After his father’s death, his son gets a job. But his son i.e. Basil Joseph does not like this job.

Basil Joseph finally has to work in this film because of pressure from people and family. After this, he must have been taking care of the animals for many days, but it does not work properly because this work is not of his interest. This is because Basil Joseph has to work as an engineer and he knows only about that. To cure the animals, sometimes he gives the wrong medicine, due to which you will get to see funny scenes too, that means you will get laughter too. To know the further story, watch the movie Pets only.

Palthu Janwar movie details

We have told you as much as possible about the story of Pets movie but with the help of the trailer itself. Now I am going to tell you the full details of Pets movie which is according to Heath Di:

Theater Release date 2 September 2022
OTT Release date 13 October 2022
OTT Platform Disney+Hotstar
Name of Writer Sangeeth P Rajan
Name of Director Sangeeth P Rajan
Name of Producers Dilesh Pothan
Fahadh Faasil
Syam Pushkaran
main stars Basil Joseph
Trailer Released on Bhavana Studios
movie budget Rs.1.5 to 4 crore

Palthu Janwar movie cast

The names of the people and characters working in the film Pets are as follows:

  1. Basil Joseph
  2. Sruthy Suresh
  3. Kiran Peethambaran
  4. Indran’s
  5. joji john
  6. Johnny Antony
  7. Siby Thomas
  8. Dileesh Pothan
  9. Thankam Mohan
  10. Shammy Thilakan
  11. Athira Harikumar
  12. Jaya Kurup
  13. Unnimaya Prasad

Palthu Janwar movie download 480p

in 480p Palthu Janwar movie download To watch and watch, first of all you should know whether this film has been released in ott platform or not. However, shortly after this information came out from the company that the film Pets has been released in the ott platform named Disney Plus Hotstar. So in such a situation, now you guys are there from the ott platform itself. Palthu Janwar movie download Will see and do. But Palthu Janwar movie download You must have a subscription pack before doing and watching.

Palthu Janwar movie download 720p

Palthu Janwar movie download Even if you feel the urge to do it. but you should know that Palthu Janwar movie download So you guys will be able to do it only from disney plus hotstar ott platform and not from any other platform. This is because Pets Movie has been sold only to Disney Plus Hotstar ott platform company Cope. that’s why Palthu Janwar movie download For viewing or viewing, the help of ott platform of the same company will have to be taken.

Palthu Janwar movie download telegram link

Under no circumstances should you go Palthu Janwar movie download To telegram channel. that’s why Palthu Janwar movie download While trying to do this, you might accidentally download a file containing a virus. though for free Palthu Janwar movie download It is considered a crime to do so because by doing so the company does not get money and neither does their earnings. That’s why to watch Pets movie you take help of Disney plus hotstar ott platform only.

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