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This rocketry film has been made on the life of Nambi Narayanan and we are going to tell you about this rocketry film only. after knowing the story Rocketry movie download Can do in OTT platform. Rocketry film is not just such a film, but a film of a different level, which will teach a lot to you and the whole country. Because it has been shown in this film that how a person i.e. an innocent person is punished as a crime and later something else emerges. This is the person who is a scientist.

So in such a situation, you might have come to know about this somewhere that the story of this rocketry film is based on the scientist only. That is, the story of this rocketry film is showing the life of a great scientist, from struggle to success, from anti-national to peace. About all these, the life of a great scientist has been described in this rocketry film and I am going to tell you about this in this article only. Also I will tell you how Rocketry movie download done and can be viewed online.

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Rocketry movie download in hindi Before doing this, you should know that after all, there is something in the story of this rocketry film that you must watch this film. The reason for this is going to be known to you if you know the story of this film below. I am going to tell you the short and short story of this rocketry film below which will be very useful for you. Let me tell you for information, the Rocketry film which is to be released only in theaters for several days first. Only a few days after that, Bari will come in OTT.

Rocketry movie download in Hindi

Do you know that this rocketry film is also being released in Hindi language which is very good because many people know only Hindi language. You will be able to watch Rocketry movie in Hindi language in the same theater which is near where you live. Let me tell you for information, the film Rocketry is to be released only in Hindi language in theaters near your house, if the people living there know Hindi, Punjabi.

Rocketry movie download in Tamil

After watching the trailer of Rocketry Movie, I understood that this film must be released in Tamil language because this film was to be released on a large scale. So you should also know that the trailer of this rocketry movie has been released in Tamil language, so now you are in Tamil language only. Rocketry movie download in Tamil Can do and also see. However, before this, this rocketry movie will be released in Tamil language in the theater itself.

Rocketry movie download in Telugu

people in telugu Rocketry movie download telugu Those people who want to try it, can definitely see it. Also, you should also keep in mind that Rocketry movie is not going to be released in Telugu language in all the states in India. This Rocketry movie in Telugu language will be released in those states and cities where people know Telugu language. Whereas in these states there is no option to select Tamil language or Hindi language.

Rocketry movie download in Kannada

The original language of this rocketry movie is being told in Kannada only. Whereas this movie is going to be released only after being dubbed in different languages ​​so that people knowing different languages Rocketry movie download in Kannada Can do and see. Many scientists are going to attend this rocketry movie because the story of this film has been made on the basis of the experience of a scientist. That’s why most of the scientists will definitely go to the theater to watch this rocketry movie.

Rocketry movie download story in hindi

Talking about Rocketry Movie, the story of this movie depends on Nambi Narayanan. The description of the life of Nambi Narayanan has been shown in this film. It is shown that Nambi Narayanan who was intelligent since childhood went to higher college to get education. He was interested in devices that fly with the wind. After some time, he thought of making rockets capable of sending equipment to satellites.

It used to happen for some time that the Indian government used to take the help of America to send equipment outside the earth because most of the countries depended on America. So after knowing this, Nambi Narayanan thought that why not make such a rocket of his own, which would be able to send the equipment out of the earth. Along with this, it has also been shown in that film that how India makes only small engines while the scientists of other countries have gone far ahead who have made big engines.

After thinking this, Nambi Narayanan ji goes to Stockland and from there he brings many equipments for space for free, which in India costs about 400 pounds. After this he goes to France to learn the technique. After learning the techniques from Vahan, with the help of the equipment brought for free, they make a rocket engine, which is much better than the rocket engine made in France, because they had prepared a better one, which had more features. After this, avoiding the eyes of America, he gets some parts from Russia to make cryogenic engine.

After working so hard, Nambi Narayanan’s success seems to be in his hands as he prepares a rocket that can send instruments outside the earth. For this reason, India is going to be benefited a lot because sending equipment into space with the help of its own rocket becomes much cheaper than America and orders for this come from other countries separately. But after that the story itself changes. This happens because Nambi Narayanan is accused of selling rocket technology to other countries.

Later it happens that a case is registered against them ie Nambi Narayanan. Although Nambi Narayanan tries hard to prove his innocence, he still gets punished. They were going to do little good for the country, but in return they got punished in jail. After being imprisoned for many years, he gets a notice from the High Court that Nambi Narayanan is innocent. On hearing this, Nambi Narayanan was very happy as well as angry.

Be happy because he has been acquitted from jail. But Nambi Narayanan felt sad that he had been punished without any reason. The punishment was not such that he had to stay in jail, but he was tortured a lot. Nambi Narayanan was acquitted in the year 2018 itself. However, after this, Nambi Narayanan has also demanded that those people should be punished soon, due to which Nambi Narayanan was punished unnecessarily and his family was hurt a lot.

Some person or the other had implicated Nambi Narayanan in this, because of which Nambi Narayanan ji is now demanding the arrest of the same accused. So this was the incident on Nambi Narayanan which is shown inside this rocketry film. Although the story of this Nambi Narayanan has been shown very well in the film Rocketry, which you should watch or you can go to ott. Rocketry movie download You can also try it.

rocketry movie details

Full details of Rocketry movie are given below:

Thetare Release date 1 July 2022
OTT release date 26 July 2022
OTT platform amazon prime video
Name of Writer R Madhavan
Name of Director R Madhavan
Name of Producers R Madhavan
Sarita Madhavan
Vijay Moolan
Varghese Moolan
main star R Madhavan
language Kannada
budget Rs. 55 crores

Rocketry Movie Casts

The names of the characters who work in the film Rocketry are as follows:

  1. R Madhavan
  2. Shah Rukh Khan
  3. Sri Ram Parthasarathy
  4. Simran
  5. Mohan Raman
  6. suriya
  7. Sam Mohan
  8. Rajit Kapur
  9. Vincent Riotta
  10. Vladimir Vukovic
  11. Ravi Raghavendra
  12. Karina Matas Piper
  13. Rajeev Ravindranath
  14. Muralidaran
  15. Dinesh Prabhakar
  16. Emma Gojkovic
  17. Phyllis Logan
  18. Misha Ghosal
  19. Wake up
  20. Shyam Renganathan
  21. Anurita Jha
  22. Karthik Kumar
  23. Bhavsheel Sahni
  24. Aman
  25. Ron Donachie

Rocketry movie download 480p

25 characters have acted i.e. have played roles in this rocketry film. In the film Rocketry, you will also get to see the roles of the main characters like Shahrukh Khan apart from R Madhavan. However, in this rocketry film, APJ Abdul Kalam has also played the role of another person. However, in this the role of Nambi Narayanan has been played not by himself but by R Madhavan. By the way, we have already given you a lot of information about the film Rocketry. if you have 480p Rocketry movie download If you want to do it then you should go to OTT.

Rocketry movie download 720p

you in 720p Rocketry movie download Can also do and watch but only in ott platform. By the way, by going to two OTT platforms, you can watch movies in 720p. Rocketry movie download Will be able to do and see. But for this you must also have a subscription pack from the same ott platform. As I told you that Rocketry movie has been released in two ott platforms and the names of those ott platforms are Voot and Amazon Prime Video. Rocketry film has been released in both these ott platforms from where you can now Rocketry movie download ,

rocketry movie download hd

so what do you have to do rocketry movie download hd In . So in such a situation, you do not need to wander here and there. That’s why you should take the help of ott platform to watch rocketry movie in HD quality. The OTT platform gives you quality options ranging from 480p to 4k. Out of this, if you want to watch Rocketry movie in HD, then you will have to buy HD quality subscription pack only. The cost of this plan is not so much that you have any problem. The cost of HD quality plan will be seen slightly higher than that of 480p.

rocketry movie download 1080p

Rocketry movie download Before doing this, you will get to learn a lot from this film. For example, even though Nambi Narayanan was being accused and punished, he did not give up. As much as possible, he did a lot to prove himself innocent and his family also made a lot of efforts and hard work to prove him innocent. Because of which it happened in the end that Nambi Narayanan was proved innocent. That’s why we told you that you will learn a lot from the story of Rocketry movie.

Rocketry movie download 4k

The budget of Rocketry film is said to be around Rs 55 crore only. However, the budget of films like Brahmastra film, Pushpa, kgf chapter 2, Black Adam was very high. These films also broke good records. All these films have been described as good by many people. Rocketry movie has been released not only in Hindi language but in different languages ​​so that all people can be covered. It so happened that people who know Tamil, people who know Telugu, people who know Kannada and people who know Hindi can watch this rocketry film.

Rocketry movie download telegram link

you should never ask for help Rocketry movie download Telegram channel to do. This is because the loss of the company can be due to your work. if you Rocketry movie download If you want to do and watch, then you should take help of OTT platform or theater only. However, with the help of the theater, you can only watch the Rocketry movie, you cannot Rocketry movie download Will be able to do it . Rather Rocketry movie download To do or watch online, the help of OTT platforms like Voot or Amazon Prime Video should be taken.

rocketry movie watch online

Full name of rocketry movie is ahi rocketry the nambi effect. Only the great scientist Nambi Narayanan has been mentioned in this. His story was very important in front of the people so that people could understand his life full of struggle. Because of this struggle of his life, Nambi Narayanan ji is feeling proud of himself. However, whatever actually happened to them went very wrong. Similar allegations were leveled against him. However, it was also being told that action was also taken against the police in the year 2018 because of which person Nambi Narayanan was punished without any reason.

Watch on VOOT or amazon prime video

You have only one option left to watch Rocketry movie online and that is OTT. OTT platform is the online platform which has bought this movie from rocketry movie making company. After which the company running the ott platform is showing this rocketry film to online people by taking money. Although in OTT platform Rocketry movie download To do-watch or to watch any other movie, one has to buy the subscription pack.


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