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The movie Runway 34 can scare you somewhere and it is not a film for the weak hearted. That’s why runway 34 movie download Before doing and before watching, you should know about this film like the story of this film, which is going to be very useful for you. Even though many films have been made on the plane. But still people like this kind of movies a lot. I also like films with this type of story. Then let’s know friends about this film i.e. Runway 34 film.

runway 34 full movie download

Like I told you earlier that the weak hearted runway 34 movie download Neither do nor watch this movie. This is because it has been shown in the key of this film that the flying plane will definitely scare you somewhere. This is because some accident happens in the flying plane itself, the fear of which not only the passengers sitting inside but also the people watching. That’s why if you can’t watch this Runway 34 movie, don’t watch it. In its place there are many more movies for you like Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2, Pushpa etc.

It was being told about the film Runway 34 that the story of this film has been written on the plane accident in the year 2000. I felt the same way when I heard the name of this film and it seems to be true somewhere. In this Runway 34 movie, you will get to see the story mostly around the plane. The plan will not be in any land but in complete unevenness and it is only from there that the story of this film will actually start. From here only your fear will start to haunt you somewhere because this film has shown the height mostly.

runway 34 movie release date

Runaway 34 movie release is on 29th April. From 29th April, you can watch this Runaway 34 movie by going to your nearest cinema hall. This film is to be released in different languages, don’t be upset about it. Because this film is being released only in Hindi language and not in Tamil, Telugu and other languages. Due to the low budget of Runway 34 movie, I don’t think this movie will prove to be a blockbuster. Talk about ott platform, it is to be released on 24 June 2022.

Runway 34 movie story in hindi

The entire story of Runway 34 movie is revolving around Ajay Devgan. Ajay Devgan is playing the role of Vikrant in this film. Vikrant is a pilot who takes a lot of intoxication a day before the flight like drinking alcohol, cigarette etc. and its intoxication lasts till the next day also. After which they go with another girl to fly the plane. Another girl’s name is Tanya. Ajay Devgan and Tanya both get ready to fly the plane and successfully take the plane to a height of 35000 feet.

After this, information is received from ATC not to land the plane at Kochi airport and not to choose that route as the weather ahead is very bad. This information was given by ATC from Kochi airport. Also, ATC informs both the pilots to land the aircraft at Trivandrum airport. But after some time the information is received that both the pilots should not land the plane at Trivandrum airport as the weather is said to be very bad in that route also.

After this, out of the two pilots flying the plane, Tanya tells Vikrant to land the plane in Jaipur as there is no time now and to land the plane at some other place. This is because the fuel of the plane had reduced considerably. After this, as soon as they come to know that now the fuel of the plane is very less, then both the pilots decide to land the plane in an unknown place. Eventually the plane is successfully landed at some other place with the passengers safe.

However, both the pilots are called for the push as both of them are suspected by the investigating officer. The officers doing the investigation start investigating the whole matter by putting a nudge on Ajay Devgan i.e. Vikrant, out of these two and they feel that it is probably their fault due to this accident. This is because there was an accident on the plane flying at an altitude of 35000 feet, even after which the plane was landed safely. Now watch Runway 34 movie to know the further story.

Runway 34 movie details

The full details of Runway 34 movie are given below in the tabular form :

Theater Release date 29 April 2022
OTT Release date 24 June 2022
OTT platform amazon prime video
Name of Writer Amil Keyan Khan
Sandeep Kewlani
Name of Director Ajay Devgn
Name of Producer Ajay Devgn
main star Ajay Devgn
Trailer Released on Prime Video India
language Hindi
Subtitle english
Budget Rs. 65 Crores

runway 34 movie cast

The names of the characters who appeared or played in the movie Runway 34 are as given below:

  1. Ajay Devgn
  2. Amitabh Bachchan
  3. Aakanksha Singh
  4. Boman Irani
  5. Angira Dhar
  6. Rakul Preet Singh

Runway 34 movie download 480p

in 480p runway 34 movie download You should take help of ott platform to watch or watch. I have already told you the name of OTt platform and that is Amazon Prime Video India. If you have already bought any 480p subscription pack from this Amazon Prime Video India ott. so so you guys runway 34 movie download Will be able to do and see with the help of the same subscription pack only. Since the subscription pack is active, you will not have to pay any extra money.

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720p i.e. in HD quality Runway 34 movie download To watch and watch you have to buy from amazon prime video ott hd plan. The cost of HD subscription pack will be slightly higher as compared to 480p. If you people will not pay so much money, then it would be right for you to choose 480p plan only. Although there are plans up to this as well such as 1080p i.e. full hd plan. By selecting this full hd plan runway 34 movie download There will be few people who do and see.

Runaway 34 movie download 1080p

The director, producer and main hero of the movie Runway 34 is one and that is Ajay Devgan. Means the director of this film is also Ajay Devgan, producer is also Ajay Devgan and also the main hero. So it means that he must have got a lot of fees for working in this film. People have worked hard to make Runway 34 movie and more than that to make VFX of this movie which I have got to see amazing. Just by watching the trailer of Runway 34 movie, it is known that how this movie is and makes people compelled to watch it.

Runaway 34 movie download telegram link

Runway 34 movie download Do not take help of any channel inside Telegram to watch or watch. This path is not right but illegal because by choosing this route, action can also be taken on you from the company’s side. that’s why runway 34 movie download To do or watch the movie, go up to the ott platform of Amazon Prime Video Company. By purchasing the subscription pack in Amazon Prime Video ott once, you can watch it again and again. runway 34 movie download You will not have to pay separately for doing or watching another movie because the validity is up to one month.

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runway 34 movie download The number of people doing it is very less while the number of people watching the film will be the highest. People Runway 34 movie download That’s why we will not do so that the storage does not fill up more. So in such a situation, people do such a thing that by buying a subscription pack, they can comfortably watch Runway 34 movie or any other movie for a month without downloading it. that’s why you runway 34 movie download There is no need to go to the Amazon Prime Video platform.


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