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Saukan Saukane movie is the latest upcoming movie in Punjabi language. if you have to Saunkne Saunkne movie download Then this article is for you only. As you must be aware that Punjabi films are rarely made in comparison to Hindi movies, so after many days we are getting to see Saukan Saukane Movie in Punjabi language. It is not possible that there was no laughter in this Saukan Saukane movie, because in Punjabi films only laughter and drama are seen a lot. Then come friends, let us know about this Saukan Saukane movie as well as how to do it. Saunkne Saunkne movie download ,

Saunkne Saunkne full movie download

There is also a special thing about the movie Saukan Saukane, as this movie had collected a collection of Rs 18.10 crores from all the theaters in just three days. 18.10 crores i.e. 18 crores 10 lakhs were earned by showing this film in different theatres. This data is only for three days whereas in the coming time more collection will be collected by showing this movie in theaters and ott as well as by selling it to any big youtube channel in youtube etc.

Saunkne Saunkne movie release date

Saukan Saukane movie will be released in theaters from 13th May. In this year itself i.e. 2022, this Saunkne Saunkne movie is to be shown in many different theaters but not all over India. This Saunkan Saunkne movie is not to be shown all over India because there are no people watching movies in Punjabi language all over India. That’s why this movie has to be taken to the theaters in only a few states. Now it is the turn of ott, i.e. how long will Saukan Saukane movie be released in ott. It is being told that Saukan Saukane is to be released on ott on 16th June.

Saunkne Saunkne movie story

The story of Saukan Saukane movie begins with Ammy Virk who gets married. But when they go to the doctor, the doctor tells that the probability of having a baby boy or a girl child is only 1 percent. For this reason, both of them get taunts from their own family as there is no possibility of having children even after a long time. So it happens that their family members agree that now Ammy Virk should be remarried and both of them agree about it.

After this Ammy Virk gets married for the second time and now he has two wives. But now the difficulties have become more than before. These difficulties are not because of the new wife but because of the two wives coming face to face. Because both the wives get Ammy Virk to work while they themselves do not work and it is the plan of both that why not get the work done by their own husband. After this Ammy Virk starts working out of fear of both the wives while both the wives sit comfortably.

As soon as Ammy Virk’s mother comes to know about this, now mother advises her to raise her stick and show her eyes and scare both of them. After this, Ammy Virk tries to impress upon both of them whether their wives listen to him or not. Whether this plan is successful or not is not known because only this much has been shown in the trailer. To know the full story of this Saukan Saukane movie, you have to watch this Punjabi movie.

Saunkan Saunkne movie details

Full details of Saunkan Saunkne Movie are given below :

Theater Release date 13 May 2022
OTT release date 16 June 2022
OTT platform amazon prime video
Name of Writer Amberdeep Singh
Name of Director Amarjeet Singh Saron
Trailer Released on White Hill Music
language Punjabi only
budget Rs. 2 Crores
collection Rs. 57.60 Crores

Saunkan Saunkne movie casts

The number of characters that appeared in the film Saunkan Saunkane and their names are given below:

  1. Ammy Virk
  2. Nimrat Khaira
  3. Sargun Mehta
  4. Ravinder Mand
  5. Kaka Kautki
  6. Mohini Toor
  7. Sukhwinder Chahal
  8. Nirmal Rishi

Saunkne Saunkne movie download 480p

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Saunkne Saunkne movie download 720p

Saunkne Saunkne movie download To do it in 720p you will buy hd quality plan in amazon prime video ott. After purchasing an ultra hd quality subscription pack, you can enjoy up to one month Saunkne Saunkne movie download So will you be able to see many more films-webseries. This is the reason why people already buy subscription packs from Amazon prime video ott platform. in 720p Saunkne Saunkne movie download Doing so will use slightly more storage than 480p.

Saunkne Saunkne movie download hd

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Saunkne Saunkne movie download 1080p

Saunkan Saunkne has a total of three main characters namely Ammy Virk, Nimrat Khaira and Sargun Mehta. You will see the role of these three characters the most in this dance. Out of all the three characters, you will laugh the most because of Nimrata Khaira and Sargun Mehta because with the arrival of these two, the drama starts. For example, getting husband to work, fighting with each other, sleeping comfortably, getting up late etc. Because of these two, husband’s band plays, due to which Ammy Virk and his mother get upset. As we told you that you should watch the movie Saukan Saukane to know the story.

Saunkan Saunkne movie download telegram link

Telegram has been very popular in today’s time, but people are using it mostly for wrong work. as some people may Saunkne Saunkne movie download Will go to Telegram channel to do or watch online, whereas it is wrong to do so. Don’t do such work which causes loss to the company. Means you should go to ott or theater only by paying money to watch Saunkne Saunkne Punjabi movie and not with the help of any channel in Telegram.

Saunkne Saunkne movie watch online

Saukan Saukane punjabi movie can also be watched online if you don’t want to Saunkne Saunkne movie download , This is the reason why the Punjabi film making company has sold this Saunkan Saunkne Punjabi film to the company running the ott platform after releasing it in theaters for several days. As you would know that there are many companies in India which run ott platform. So out of all those companies, only in the ott platform of Amazon Prime Video Company, this Saukan Saukane Punjabi film will be launched, from where you will be able to watch it.

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