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Sixer webseries is about to be released, then you can do it for free. Sixer web series download Because the company has decided to show this webseries for free. So in such a situation, this question should not remain in your mind that after all, how much money will have to be paid for watching this sixer webseries and much more. Somewhere you are going to see the story of Sixer webseries being based on some cricketer and I am going to tell you about this in detail.

Download Sixer web series

You will get the button at the bottom or you will get the link from where you can directly in Amazon Mini TV. Sixer web series download Will come to see or do. For information, let me tell you that the feature named Amazon Mini TV is going to be seen inside the Amazon Shopping website or inside the application itself. If you have already downloaded the Amazon application inside the smartphone or are logged in to Amazon’s website, then you will have to go to the option of Amazon Mini TV there from where you will be able to watch this webseries.

Sixer web series release date

Sixer webseries is going to be released on November 11. The funny thing is that now you Sixer web series download There is no need to pay any money to watch or watch because the company is going to release this sixer webseries not in any ott but on Amazon Mini TV. You will find the option named Amazon Mini TV inside the website of the Amazon company itself. If this sixer webseries had to be kept paid, then this sixer webseries had to be released in ott while this has not been done.

Sixer web series story in hindi

Sixer webseries has shown the story of Nikku’s street cricket, how he is playing cricket in the streets and has a special attachment to this game. After a few days it comes to know that a cricket tournament is going to take place and the winner of that tournament will get a reward of 50 thousand rupees. Cricket is the only game in the tournament, so it was a matter of great happiness for Nikku, because Nikku had a lot of money going on in the same way in life.

After this Nikku decides to participate in this tournament and also takes part. But somewhere people and its family members keep blaming him that nothing has been kept in cricket, whereas Nikku does not think so. Rather Nikku takes part in the tournament. Even though Nikku has participated in the tournament, but his life is going to have a lot of troubles. But in this Sixer webseries, you will get to see something or the other about Sixer somewhere.

As you are going to see 6 consecutive sixes in this Sixer webseries because the name of this webseries is named Sixer. Even though the game of cricket is being shown to you in this webseries, but this game is of streets. That is, only street cricket is being shown because in earlier times, most of the people used to play cricket in the streets only. For this reason, in this sixer web series, you will also get to see the experience of street cricket. To know what will happen in the next story, watch the Sixer webseries.

Sixer web series details

The full details of Sixer webseries are as follows:

Released Date 11 November 2022
Platform Name Amazon Mini TV
Price Free
Writer None
Director None
Main Star Shivam
Trailer Released on Amazon Mini TV
Language Hindi

Sixer web series download 480p

If you in 480p Sixer web series download If you want to watch or watch, then you will go to the website named amazon mini tivi because here you can see it in 480p. Sixer web series download Can see or do. Whereas here in this website you will not have to pay any money to watch Sixer webseries because it is being shown to the audience for free. Also for information, let me tell you that in the trailer of this sixer webseries, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh also gave a small intro about this sixer webseries.

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(Releasing on November 11)

Sixer web series download 720p

Like I told you earlier that in 720p Sixer web series download Do not wander here and there to watch and watch because Sixer webseries is being shown for free. In whichever platform this sixer webseries is being shown for free, the name of that platform is Amazon Mini TV. You will get to see this feature named Amazon Mini TV inside the Amazon Shopping website or application itself. from here you Sixer web series download You can do it and see it. Want to know the name of the popular movie then it is Brahmastra ,


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