Tua Tagovailoa Has Been Taken to the Clinic Injured During Playing

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was taken to a nearby medical clinic with head and neck wounds experienced on a second-quarter sack in Thursday night’s down against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tagovailoa hit the rear of his head on the ground when he was sacked by Bengals nose tackle Josh Tupou, and his arms seemed to seize up very quickly. He stayed on the field for approximately 10 minutes before he was stacked onto a cot and removed.

The Dolphins expressed in practically no time before halftime that he was cognizant and had development in the entirety of his limits at the clinic, the College of Cincinnati Clinical Center. After the game, they said Tagovailoa was supposed to be let out of the medical clinic Thursday night and travel back to Miami with the group.

Dolphins mentor Mike McDaniel said Tagovailoa called for him when he went down.

“I could perceive it wasn’t the very fellow that I was accustomed to seeing,” McDaniel said. “It was a frightening second. He was assessed for a blackout. He’s in the blackout convention, yet he’s being released.

“It’s a close to home second. It’s anything but a piece of the arrangement you pursue. His partners and myself were exceptionally concerned, yet he got looked at and it’s nothing more significant than a blackout.”

The whole Dolphins group accumulated at midfield as Tagovailoa was taken off, and the group recited, “Tua! Tua!”

In Sunday’s success over the Bison Bills, Tagovailoa went through blackout assessments at halftime after he hit his head on the ground and afterward staggered while attempting to get back to the cluster. The group at first recorded him as problematic to return as a result of a head injury yet later said it was a back physical issue that made him stagger. Tagovailoa expressed later in the week that he passed each assessment he took before eventually getting back to the game.

The NFL Players Affiliation mentioned a survey of the NFL’s blackout conventions following Tagovailoa’s fast re-visitation of the game.

“Player wellbeing and security is at the center of the association’s main goal. Our anxiety this evening is for Tua and we expect a full and expedient recuperation. Our examination concerning the potential convention infringement is continuous,” the NFLPA said in a proclamation after Tagovailoa was harmed Thursday night.

McDaniel, found out if he knew unhesitatingly that Tagovailoa was not concussed after Sunday’s down, said OK, and noticed that Tagovailoa was cleared by an autonomous nervous system specialist.

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