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Hello friends in today’s article I am going to tell you Unni Ikki movie download I will also tell about this movie as well. Unni Ikki Movie is a Hindi language film. Unni Ikki is a Punjabi movie, so in such a situation, there is hardly any drama and comedy in this Punjabi film. I mean to say that Unni Ekki Movie has also created drama and comedy and its story is not going to surprise you. Because similar story will be found with other films but not exactly the same.

Unni Ikki full movie download

This Unni Ikki movie ki was released sometime back while in ott the release date of this movie is to be released in coming time. I will update the date of release of Unni Ikki movie in ott movie as well in the table below. If you want to see Unni Ikki movie then maybe you can’t go to the theater to watch this movie now because I feel that now this Unni Ekki movie will probably not be shown again in theaters. If it is shown then only in a few theaters, about which you have to know from the theater.

Unni Ikki punjabi movie download

Let me tell you about Unni Ikki Movie, this is a Punjabi movie that you can watch. While a Punjabi movie would have been full of comedy and drama, but most of the people do not know Punjabi but Hindi is known by most of the people. if want to Unni Ikki movie download So you have to take ott’s help. Now for which ott’s help I have to take, I will update the information below in the coming time because no information has come out about it yet.

Unni Ikki movie release date

The release date of Unni Ikki Movie has been fixed for 11 October 2019 for theatres. On this day you can go to any theaters and watch this movie. It is not as yet that this Unni Ekki movie is being released in all the theaters in India, but this movie will be released in such theaters where the people living nearby will know the Punjabi language. This one and only movie is being released in Chaupal company’s ott platform, so now you can go to this ott Unni Ikki movie download will do .

Unni Ikki movie story

Talking about this Unni Ikki movie story, it is shown that the love between two boys and girls who like each other and are ready to get married. But the girl’s family needs such a son-in-law i.e. a boy who is an NRI. So in such a situation, difficulties arise for both of them because after some time the girl’s family members also find the NRI boy. Now to know what is going to happen in the next story, you will have to watch Unni Ikki movie only because I cannot tell you the full story of this film.

Unni Ikki movie details

The full details of Unni Ikki movie i.e. information is in the table which is as follows:

Release date 11 October 2019
Writer Livtar Singh
Kaypee Gill
Vishal Kohli
Director Kaypee Gill
Livtar Singh
Stars Jagjeet Sandhu
Karamjit Anmol
Sawan Rupowali
Trailer Released on Geet MP3
OTT Platform Chaupal
& more
Language Punjabi
Budget None

Unni Ikki movie casts

The names of all the characters who have appeared in Unni Ikki Movie are as given below:

  1. Jagjeet Sandhu
  2. Karamjit Anmol
  3. Sawan Rupowali
  4. Sangeeta Gupta
  5. Nirmal Rishi
  6. Sanjay Solanki
  7. Parkash Gadhu
  8. Randeep Bangu
  9. Lucky Dhaliwal
  10. Mohini Toor
  11. Aman Sidhu
  12. Ravinder Mand
  13. Sameep Singh
  14. Gurchet Chitarkar
  15. Manjeet Aulakh
  16. Navu Singh

Unni Ikki movie download 480p

Any information about the budget of Unni Ekki Movie has not come from the side of the theater or from the company, so we have not shown it in the table inside this article. I do not think that in the coming time, the company will share the budget amount of this Unni Ekki movie on the internet. Unni Ikki has a list of the names of the characters involved in the movie, which is very big, which has been shared by the company itself so that the audience can know how many characters have worked in this movie. After knowing the names of the characters, Unni Ikki movie download So go to the chaupal ott platform.

Unni Ikki movie download 720p

Unni Ikki movie download Before watching or before watching if you want the trailer of this film then you can go to youtube inside. The trailer of this Unni Ikki movie has been released inside Youtube in the youtube channel named geet mp3. Just now I am seeing that after a few days this Unni Ekki movie is being released in different ott platforms. From which I talk about ott platform chaupal, then in the year 2022 in the month of October itself, this one and only movie was launched.

Unni Ikki movie download 1080p

in full hd Unni Ikki movie download Having fun watching this movie is also different, but for this you will also have to pay some money to the company. If you with the help of chaupal ott platform Unni Ikki movie download If you are doing this then you will have to pay a lower price because the price of all the plans in this ott platform is rarely seen as compared to the rest of the ott platform. On the side of the Chaupal ott platform, there are only a few such ott platforms whose plan price has been kept low. You can also watch best punjabi movies Honeymoon Movie can go towards

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